'Me and My Oxford' videos

For our anniversary celebrations, people in Perm are making 2-3 minute videos called 'Me and My Perm‘ - where they show and talk about their relationship with a particular place in their city.  These will be shown in Oxford during November.

We want to provide similar videos from Oxford (or Oxfordshire) for people to see in Perm. For example, a walk to your work or playing a game in the park or a personal fascination with a corner of Oxford. Just 2-3 minutes. This requires two people - one to hold a phone and one to do something and talk about it.  Perhaps it will require one or two rehearsals. Please do speak and explain clearly, so that non-native speakers can understand you.

The videos will be put on display to be viewed at the Perm Youth Palace and on this website. There should not be identifiable people in them who have not already given their permission to be viewed. But if you have their permission, you can certainly have willing extra participants.

When your video is completed, add your name and email.

Send it to Karen Hewitt on WhatsApp 07503 913209 or by email Deadline is 6th November.


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