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MARCH 2024

The OPA organised a second visit to the Ashmolean Museum’s print room for twelve of its members.
We looked at Russian prints from the Braykevich collection and listened to a talk by Dr Caroline Palmer.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 18.33.36.png


The AGM was held on 27th February in the Long Room of the Town Hall. After association news, reports from committee members, election of officers and discussion of future plans, the members listened to
a very interesting talk by Marcus Ferrar entitled ‘Cold War Reporter Behind the Iron Curtain’ followed by questions.

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A small group of OPA members viewed a selection of Russian art in the Ashmolean museum’s print room and listened to a talk by Dr Caroline Palmer. The museum has one of the best Russian collections in Britain but these can only be viewed by appointment. The collection includes works by Valentin Serov, Natalia Goncharova and Leonid Pasternak.  

group 3_l_edited.jpg

JULY 2023

Karen Hewitt hosted the OPA annual garden party. For more photos go to our Oxford Gallery page. 

photo: Serhii Savynskiy

Merton bowl 2_edited.jpg

MARCH 2023

Nina Kruglikova, an Oxford academic and experienced tour guide of Russian connections in Oxford, took

OPA members on tours of Oxford on two consecutive weeks.  Nina’s fascinating tour including information about visits to Oxford by Peter the Great, Alexander 1 and Khrushchev, which famous Russians received honorary degrees from Oxford and about Prince Felix Yusupov who studied at University college and was later involved

in the murder of Rasputin.  A full report of Nina’s  tour can be read in the May 2023 newsletter. 

Photo: Nina (on far right) and members of the OPA standing in front of

a huge Siberian vase presented to Merton college by Alexander 1



The Oxford Perm Association AGM was held on 23rd February in the town hall. 
After association news, reports from committee members and election of officers the members listened to
a fascinating talk by Dr Alex Pravda entitled ‘The Russian Domestic Dimension of the War in Ukraine’
which was followed by questions and answers.

Rosamund Bartlett 1_edited_edited.jpg


Rosamund Bartlett, gave a fascinating talk at Rewley House entitled:

'A New Look at Russia’s Silver Age: The Arrival of Modernism in 1890s Moscow and St. Petersburg'.

There will be a report of this talk in the January 2023 newsletter.

OPA_summer party_1.jpeg

JULY 2022

Karen Hewitt hosted the annual garden party.

More than 40 people attended including members of the OPA

as well as Russians and Ukrainians living in Oxford.

More photos in our galley here

Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 09.28.36.png

MARCH 2022

There was a large turnout at the AGM which was held in the town hall on 15th March.
This year there was no visiting speaker but instead a chance to discuss
the current situation in Russia and how best to respond to it.

md 1_edited_edited.jpg


Mary Dejevsky, former Moscow correspondent, writer and broadcaster on foreign affairs
and member of the Valdai discussion group gave an informative and fascinating talk on zoom
about Russia today. A summary of the talk is in the June newsletter.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 15.29.02.png


A new virtual exhibition ‘City and Water in photographs from the last century’ can be viewed here. 

Oxford, Perm and Louisville all contributed to this virtual exhibition on the subject of water and water resources and the rivers and canals that flow through, and bring life, to our cities.

Youth march in Perm new.jpeg


Karen Hewitt gave a talk on zoom called ‘What do Russians think today about the Soviet Union which came to an end thirty years ago?’ Karen based her talk on answers to a questionnaire that she sent out to people all over Russia  with different jobs and experiences. The talk reflected a variety of views from those old enough to remember the USSR and a set of conflicitng stereotypes from the younger generations. There was time afterwards for questions and discussion.

photo: Young people going to a demonstration in Perm in the last year of the Soviet Union.

Perm archive ex. фото 2.jpg


The exhibition "Perm Krai, the Land of Labor Valor" provides information about the work of industrial plants in the Perm region during the Great Patriotic War. Pages covering the history of individual plants contain brief information about the enterprise and photographs reflecting its activities during that period. The exhibition contains photographs from state and municipal archives and museums, as well as from museums of individual plants in the Perm region. Information about the work of plants has been supplemented by personal stories that contain information about people, their work and the struggles they faced in difficult and heroic war times.

The exhibition focuses on those industrial centers of the Perm region, whose citizens took the initiative to award their city at the federal level with the title "City of Labor Valor" for their heroic work during the Great Patriotic War and their great contribution to the Victory. The city of Perm was one of these and was given this title in 2020.

garden party 7_main.jpg

JULY 2021

Karen Hewitt hosted the annual Perm Association party in her garden.

Heather and Martin Haslett set up a second hand Russian book stall, the profits of which

they donated to the Perm Association.

More photos from the party in our photo gallery here.

photo: Nina Kruglikova

young dancers project 05:21.png

MAY 2021

Watch young dancers from Perm perform as part of the Oxford ‘Spring Awakening’ Global Dance project

performed by dancers from Oxford’s twin cities. 

Photo of Vadim Skovorodin with official

APRIL 2021

Vadim Skovorodin, editor of Business Class newspaper, received an official letter of thanks
from the Mayor of Perm for his work on twinning especially with Oxford.



The AGM took place on zoom on 24th February. 

After official business a talk was given by Mark Davies, an Oxford local historian who is on the committee of the Lewis Carroll society. The talk 'Lewis Carroll in Volgaland’ was about Carroll’s trip to Russia in the mid nineteenth century. 


MAY 2020

Please take a look at Contribution to Victory, an exhibition prepared in time for Victory Day in Russia. The virtual exhibition is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of victory in World War 2, focusing on the twin cities of Perm, Louisville and Oxford. 


MARCH 2020

The AGM was held in the Oxford Town Hall on 5th March. There was official business including reports and elections of officers, refreshments and socialising and a talk by Daria Baubakova, director of the Moscow branch of Nochlezka, a charity for the homeless.

Business class newspaper.png


On 19th February Vadim Skovorodin, Editor of Business Class, an important print-and-website newspaper in Perm, gave a talk about journalism in Perm, civil society and local politics, and the consequences for Perm of the constitutional upheavals in the Russian Government.



Russian documentary film maker Sergei Kachkin, originally from Perm, introduced and showed his film 'Perm-36: Reflexion' (2016). The film, about the former Gulag prison, includes interviews with former prisoners and reflects on both Soviet and modern Russian attitudes. The screening took place at St Antony’s College.



Richard Sills, a former Newsletter editor for the Association, gave a talk at St. Anthony’s College on Anthony Jenkinson, the English sixteenth century explorer of Russia.  The talk was illustrated with detailed images of Jenkinson’s map. You can read more in the May 2020 newsletter

Ox xmas tree Perm 3.JPG


Members of the Perm Association made Christmas decorations which were sent to Perm.  Six Christmas trees at the Children’s Palace in Perm displayed decorations sent from the twin towns including Oxford. School children wrote letters to children in Perm’s twin towns which they put in boxes by the Christmas trees. The ones for Oxford will be sent to Cumnor school. More photos in the Perm gallery.



On 6th October Mary Dejevsky, Foreign Correspondent for The Independent and political commentator on Russia, gave a talk to the Oxford Perm Association entitled 'What is going on in Russia today?'. The talk was held in Rewley House.

summer garden party 2018.jpg

JULY 2019

The Perm Association held its annual garden party.


JUNE 2018

An OIL Twinning Promotion was held at Oxford town hall. Representatives attended from all the link groups including Susan Gregory, the Perm representative, who discussed Perm with visitors to her stall.

photo: Susan Gregory

Events & News: Past Events

MAY 2019

vodka bottles.jpg

Vodka party

A Vodka-tasting Party was held in May at the North Oxford Community Centre. A group of Russian visitors to Oxford brought their local vodkas. You can read May Wylie's description of the fun evening here in the May 2019 newsletter.

MARCH 2019



The AGM was held on 7th March at Oxford Town Hall. After official business and refreshments Sir David Madden, a former British diplomat, gave an entertaining talk on 'A diplomat in Moscow in the 1970s - observing the Soviet Union'.


photo 16.jpg

Party for visiting teachers from Perm

Six teachers from Perm State University visited Oxford for three weeks. See more photos of their visit here

photo: Andrei Khokhryakov


Andrei Khokhryakov from Perm laying a wr

Remembrance Sunday in Oxford

Andrei Khokhryakov (centre), a teacher from Perm University, preparing to lay a wreath on behalf of Perm at the war memorial in St. Giles.

photo: Martin Stott


2018.9.21 Marcus Ferrar with Vadim Skovo

 Interview in Perm

On his visit to Perm, Marcus Ferrar was interviewed by Vadim Skovorodin, editor of the local “Business Class” newspaper. Read the interview here which was published in English on a Perm web site. 

photo: Evelina Ferrar



Visit to Perm

Eight OPA members spent two weeks in Perm as guests of Perm State University. This was the 29th annual visit from Oxford. Activities included a canoeing trip down the Silva River.

For more pictures see our Gallery 

photo: Marcus Ferrar


Footballers - completed paintings (2).jp

Footballers from Perm

Oxford International Links and the Oxford Perm Association arranged for a boys' football team from Perm to come to Oxford for a two week football camp. 

photo: Diana Bell

JULY 2018


Garden Party

The Oxford Perm Associaton's annual garden party

photo: Thomas Nicolaou

JULY 2018


Chekhov's Gardens talk by Rosamund Bartlett with contributions from Anna Benn

The talk focused on the gardens Chekhov planted at Melikhovo and in Yalta discussing them in the context of his writing about the natural world. It also discussed the Anton Chekhov’s Garden project, launched in July with a show garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (left) designed by Anna Benn and Hannah Gardner.

photo: Rosamund Bartlett

JUNE 2018

Perm uni.jpg

'Russian Higher Education Today’

Members of the Oxford Perm Assocociation listened to a talk by Boris Proskurnin, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Perm State National Research University.

Events & News: Past Events

JUNE 2018

An OIL Twinning Promotion was held at Oxford town hall. Representatives attended from all the link groups including Susan Gregory, the Perm representative, who discussed Perm with visitors to her stall.

photo: Susan Gregory

MAY 2018

The signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Vice Chancellor of Oxford university and the rector of Perm university.

photo: Thomas Nicolaou

Events & News: Past Events
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