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The Oxford Perm Association is a friendly link between people in Oxford and Perm. We value our personal contacts and agree with our Perm friends that for more than twenty-five years we have been ‘building a bridge of understanding, learning and mutual support’. At this time of horror and tragedy for both Ukrainians and Russians we believe it is crucial to continue to support the Oxford Perm link and to show the value of personal friendships between citizens of both our cities.  Visitors to this site will discover the range of good civic activities in which we have co-operated with our Perm friends. 

Here is an Open Letter to the People of Perm (in English and in Russian) which we want to be publicised in Perm as much as possible. If you are from Perm, please help us to do so. The Oxford Perm Association believes that as many paths as possible should be kept open for information, talking, and simply for help.  We do not believe

that the Russian people and especially citizens of Perm should be isolated

from us or that we should be isolated from you. 

Oxford City Council has suspended the civic links following the invasion of Ukraine. 

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