The Oxford Perm Association is a voluntary association which supports links between Oxfordshire and Perm region in Russia. These include the city twinning programme, academic and group exchanges between Oxford University and Perm State University, activities by voluntary groups and cultural events in both cities. The Oxford Perm Association also has its own social and cultural programme of events.


This year marks 25 years since the twinning of Oxford and Perm.

Go to the 25 years Twinning Celebration page and the 25 celebration programme page to read about the planned programme of events.

Request for 2-3 minute videos about Oxford

For our anniversary celebrations, people in Perm are making 2-3 minute videos called 'Me and My Perm‘ - where they show and talk about their relationship with a particular place in their city. We want to provide similar videos from Oxford (or Oxfordshire) for people to see in Perm. Read here about making a short video and where to send it. 

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